Being born in a mixed marriage family, celebrating Chinese New Year is nothing new to me. In fact, being the eldest grandchild, I am required to live with my Chinese Grandmother for a whole year. 

Everything was new and we had to get new pots and pants, fork and spoon, plates and cups just for me, since being a muslim, I can't be using their utensils. Since my grandmother didn't take meat, she is a vegetarian, most of my dishes was always spinach, spinach and more spinach. 

These year CHINESE NEW YEAR, year of the rooster has been a quiet one. But memories of me growing up with her, celebrating CNY with my family comes back all the time. It's not about differences in religion, food or practises, but it's all about family united as one. 

I grew up being taught that festive celebration is all about families gathering togetherness, getting to know the new ones in the family, getting to see the old ones grow, sharing news, eating together, play and play and play... for the small oneslah. It was never ok, you cannot come. Never and vice versa when it is Raya as well. 

Though among all, they might have certain personalities that may clash with one another but still at the end of the day, we will sit down at the same table and enjoy family time. That is unique and that is what is in all reunion dinner table for Chinese New Year. The different shapes, sizes, colours and flavours. Be as one, work as one, grow as one, that is family.

Happy moments are made even better when everyone is together.

I found these, and it's laughable. Have you watch this? 

TABLE OF HARMONY is about cooking preparation by Daughter In Laws in a family for the Chinese New Year, and each will have to prepare a special dish of Mother In Law.. sounds so familiar hahaha... 

These is what you need to do.
  • Log on to 
  • Click on 'Watch Cooking Hustle', and watch the video
  • Click on 'Unveil Mystery Dishes', then 'Discover What Mystery Dish You Are & Join The Table' 
  • Choose an answer
  • Click on 'Unveil Your Dish' 
  • And your results is out

You can share the results on your Facebook and get your friends to join in as well. 

hahahaha okay I suddenly feel like a lala clam. Want to know what is your? Join in like what I did and share your results. Have fun folks and HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR to all. 
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