JESSIE CHUNG, who took the opportunity during CHINESE NEW YEAR to return to her hometown Kuching, originally planned to hold a press conference for her new album on February 2nd and a launching show at Kuching’s Boulevard Shopping Mall on February 9th. However, during a badminton match on February 1st, Jessie’s partner accidentally hit her on the bridge of her nose near the eye. Blood immediately gushed from the open wound and her nostrils, and she was rushed to the hospital for emergency treatment. Her wound finally stopped bleeding after a grueling six hours. Now Jessie has to limit her movements due to the severe wound, she even has trouble talking and eating as those minor activities would lead to immense pain and bleeding.

Before the time of this writing, Jessie’s conditions were still unstable. She felt dizzy and had no appetite. The doctor states that Jessie needs to stay in the hospital for further observations, fearing that she got a concussion after falling down. As a result, Vernon Tee, one of the male lead actors of the Music Box stage play, attended the press conference in Kuching on February 2nd, 2017 as spokesman.

Local reporters who found out about the accident upon arriving at the press conference were very concerned of and worried by Jessie’s injury, some even emotionally shouted that the person responsible for the accident should be brought to justice.

It is understood that the interview at Cats FM that was originally scheduled on February 4th, 2017 is forced to be cancelled. As for the launching show at Kuching’s Boulevard Shopping Mall, it is uncertain at this point whether the show will proceed or not. Jessie Chung, whose schedule is currently jam-packed, may be forced to delay her activities, including her Be Strong World Tour, Music Box Stage Play, concert in Genting, new web TV series “Jessie Rock Show”, and future developments in China and Australia, due to her injury.
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