Over 200 Malaysian couples share their heartwarming stories during
 the Shopee Love Stories Campaign 

The month of love has never been more memorable for Syaheeda πŸ’•  Hafiz as they were announced the winner of the Shopee Love Stories Challenge today which took place at the Talent Lounge, DamansaraPerdana. The happy couple took home cash prize of RM3,000 (Ringgit Malaysia three thousand) and a video shoot to feature their heartwarming story.

‘Love is the strongest force the world possesses, yet it is the humblest imaginable’
-Mahatma Gandhi-

Nothing is more powerful than a love story between two souls. In conjunction with Valentine’s Day in February, Shopee embraced it by calling out to those in love to share their love stories with the nation. The contest itself was part of Shopee’s 2017 focus on community building by engaging with and rewarding loyal users and their respective loved ones. 
Syaheeda πŸ’•  Hafiz 
Grand Price Winner, Received RM 3,000 Cash & Video Shoot


Syaheeda πŸ’•  Hafiz  

Both 29 years Old

They met through the social media and started communicating for almost a year without ever meeting personally. One day, Hafiz left his job to go back to his hometown without any explanation. Only later, he contacted her to inform that his mother was fighting breast cancer and has finally succumbed to the illness. Touched by his loyalty to his mother, Syaheeda fell in love and finally accepted his proposal, as she believed, “A man who loves his mother more than anything, will love his wife just as much”. Now they are happy parents to a little princess named Nur Zahra Aisyah. 

Syaheeda πŸ’•  Hafiz were among 8 finalists out of more than 200 participants throughout the #ShopeeLoveStories contest which ran from 2 to 9 February 2017. Finalists were screened through by Shopee’s panel of judges to select the most heartwarming love stories before the public can cast their votes for their favourite couples. 

To add fun and excitement to the #ShopeeLoveStories contest, Shopee organized an on-ground event to test the strength and commitment of each couple through a series of fun challenges. Each challenge required the couple to display feats of strength, agility, wits and communication skills among themselves in order to march to the next round. The Top 5 couples were also supported by their family and friends in the final challenge of building a symbol that represented their love journey using recyclable materials.

The Greatest Couple of the Year was presented with a mock-cheque of RM3,000 by SHOPEE'S Marketing Lead; Rachel Tan. “Shopee is the only mobile-first marketplace that truly captures the essence of mobile-commerce. On top of the on-going business transaction between sellers and buyers, we provide a platform for the community to get together and interact with one another through their smartphones,” she said. “This is one of the many community building events that Shopee is planning throughout 2017 as we continue to engage with both sellers and buyers”.

Second prize was won by Jamie πŸ’• Adrian from Kuala Lumpur who received RM2,000 cash, while AtikahπŸ’• Hazeman from Kuala Lumpur received RM1,000 cash, placing third.
Jamie πŸ’• Adrian from Kuala Lumpur 
Second Prize Winner, Received RM2,000 Cash

Adrian and Jamie went through testing times during their college years when Adrian’s father was diagnosed with a stage-3 cancer. What had been a regular meeting love birds enjoy such as moves, lunch dates, shopping, studying together and playing games became regular visits to the hospitals and clinics to sought for the best treatments. Jamie never complained when her romantic dreams of candle light dinners, fairy tale outings and surprise gifts were shattered as she stood by Adrian to show her support. When Adrian’s father passed away, Jamie never left Adrian’s side. He dedicated Edwin McCain’s ‘I Could Not Ask for More’ specially for Jamie - “These are the moment, I’ll remember all my life, I found all I’ve waited for and I could not ask for more”

AtikahπŸ’• Hazeman from Kuala Lumpur
Third Prize Winner, Received RM 1,000 Cash
Their story should be the next subject in a Hollywood teen flick as they met during university and started communicating through Facebook. Not the sweetest (nor the smoothest) talker around, Hazeman started the conversation by saying something awkward to Atikah. A month later, he asked her out for a movie and they ended up dating. Every time she asked, “Do you like me?”, his response was, “I’m not the romantic type”. Until finally, Atikah took the bull by the horns and asked him to marry her! It has been 3 years since they got married and they are blessed with a son named Luke Adam.
Ushering into the month of March, Shopee announced its first ever SHOPEE Seller Awards 2017 where thirteen (13) business awards, including The Seller of the Year 2017 Award will be presented to online entrepreneurs who have displayed their skills and success conducting business on SHOPEE platform. The event will take place in Kuala Lumpur on 30 March 2017.
Group Photo of all finalist
Shopee is the number one mobile marketplace in Southeast Asia and Taiwan, where everyone can browse, shop and sell. It is a platform tailored for Southeast Asia, making online shopping easy, secure, and fuss-free through its strong payment and logistical support.

The Shopee team believes in the transformative power of technology. As shopping on mobile devices becomes the ‘new norm’, Shopee aims to continually enhance its platform and become the region’s mobile commerce destination of choice. Shopee is supported by Garena, Southeast Asia’s largest internet platform provider.
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