Lazada Riang Ria Raya

Nowadays, I don't go shopping. Very lazy to walk around the aisle and rows of things, but still can't get what I want at a good price. 

Always like to 'cuci mata' with Lazada. Somehow the items I want will always be on sales. It beats the travelling time and cost, back and fro and I get my favourite items at an affordable price. Since being a single parent, obtaining certain items must be of essential and necessity. 

Normally I wouldn't shop if I don't need them, but seeing Lazada having some really good discount for this coming Hari Raya 2016, was thinking of getting some items I have been eyeing for. So if I have a budget of RM500.00 in hand, what would I get? Here comes the wishlist!

RM 199.00 (PREVIOUS RM 699.00) SAVE 67%
Something I need to actually loose all those good raya food off the inches gain..hahahah

RM 85.50 (PREVIOUS RM 196.00) SAVE 56%
Since I love to cook, this is going to be quite handy especially when my current one is already 'nyawa nyawa ikan'

RM 189.00 (PREVIOUS RM 239.00) SAVE 21%
And when the gas is out, these is out as the saviour. 
Ok wistlist done for this raya. To me these is all worthwhile. Imagine all the above cost almost 1k over. But I get all these below RM 500.00. Less hassle on road jams, time factor on travelling, cost of transportation saved and I do it all this from my handphone only.  Just lying down on my bed, shopping "with discounts up to 92%, Lazada is the online platform to shop this Raya!"

Anyone want to join me? Click this link, to have more discounts and savings http://www.lazada.com.my/riang-ria-raya/

It's on again, any blogger up for the contest? 
Click on this link Lazada Blogger Contest for most information and good luck folks. 

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