Maria Miracle
Normally I don't consume supplementary but as one aged and health becomes No.1. You tend to be choosy at taking any supplement. It took me about 2 weeks to finally decide to consume these product hahaha sceptical mah... 

Why? I have high blood pressure and normally I would be looking at the content ingredients that will help me reduce my blood pressure. Since it's also collagen, hahaha at my age, need to also take care and look better. Maria Miracle also helps with detoxification. And reducing my toxic will help reduce my blood pressure as well. It's not just for woman but also suitable for man. 

HOW TO CONSUME (the way I have been practising)
  • 2 hours after dinner 
  • Only 1 sachet per night 
  • Just 'kemam' in your mouth, slowly swallow
  • Drink a glass of water after swallowing
Drink lots of water. Though Maria Miracle encourages at least 2.3 liter per day. I normally take more. It helps with detoxification. 

Shouldn't be on anything caffeine. 
Maria Miracle Box
15 Sachet per box
Just 'kemam'
Those who have taken Maria Miracle has improved on their pimples or skin problem. I don't have that problem so mine was more towards health. Since taking Maria Miracle my high blood has lowered down gradually. I feel energetic and fresh. At times I look dull, but now I look slightly better already especially on the skin complexion. It's smoother and feel softer.

MARIA MIRACLE CONTAINS (4 main ingredients)
  1. L-Cysteine  - Fights free radicals that cause cell damage. These amino helps with the     process of detoxification of the body. 
  2. L-Arginine - Helps to remove toxic in the body and produces uric acid from the body. Produce also additional 'Nitric Oxide' and 'Vasodilation' 
  3. Asthaxanthin - A natural antioxidants. Much powerful than Vitamin E, Vitamin C, Beta Carotene and Lutein. 
  4. Ascorbic Acid - Naturally strengthening immunity, (good for energy). 
Other substances
Vitamin C to brighten and moisturize the skin, and Fish Collagen Powder.
If you wish for a 
🍓 brighter,smoother and shinier skin
🍓 softer and firmer skin
🍓 assistance to shrink pores
🍓 have more energy
🍓 antioxidants to slow down aging.
🍓 help to overcome skin dullness and have a much radiant look
🍓 treatment for problem acne from within and fade away the scars and acne

then you can try Maria Miracle. 

Maria Miracle is 100% original and safe. They are certified approval from MOH (KKM), GMP and Certified Halal by JAKIM and Food Act Compliance approved. 

Another item from Maria Miracle that I am currently using is the Hydro Beauty Kit for my skin. 

For freshness, I'll be spraying the antiseptic spray first and then the hydro beauty spray. 
These is normally when I am outside. It's controls the Ph balance of the skin. 

For skin problem, I only spray the antiseptic spray. 
I recently had a skin etch on my arm, after spraying the antiseptic spray it reduced and was gone in over 2 days. No scratching. No pain. Nothing. My best friend right now. 

Reddish Etch
(forgot to take the ones that was gone hahaha)
Hydro Beauty Kit
So if you are interested to get the set, you can contact them directly or their authorized agents.  They are having some good raya promotion currently. 

1 box  Maria Miracle  RM90.00
2 box  Combo MM     RM 170.00
Combo + Face Mist    RM 200.00

Raya Promotion

Lot No 1-11, First Floor, 
Pangsapuri Khidmat Melawati
(Saville @ Melawati)
No. 2, Jalan Kolam Air, 
Desa Melawati, 
5100 Kuala Lumpur

Telefon No 
010-522 6202
03-4162 9590


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