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View of The Royal Golf Club
These will be my first time trying out something new and different on the taste bud section. Getting to the location was not difficult as it's located at the Kampung Pandan Round about, The Hive in TREC. Don't be alarmed if you reach there, and you can't find it as it's not facing the streets, but it's facing inside, towards the greens of the Royal Selangor Golf Club. Need to do some walking a bit of about 5 minutes from the entrance. Parking is also available. 

Byblos Cafe & Lounge is a new Mediterranean/Lebanese concept cafe putting a twist on the Lebanese cuisine. The cafe is named after an ancient city in Lebanon. As I enter the cafe, the feeling that I had was curiosity at what is being offered here. I was looking around and saw some old photo and paintings. Was later told that those photos were of the real Byblos and other places in Lebanon. Being someone who loves history, those are very valued wall of memory. 
Traditionally Baked Bread
Piping Hot
Being a new baby, I didn't know what to expect but the service was great. Fast and the servers were very informative on what the dishes are. hahaha... I was learning my version of what and which from all over the table. They had a tradional favorites which was Hummus, Moutabal and Tabbouleh. Then there is the Shawarma, Falafel and Oriental Lamb hot breads and desserts all homemade and fresh ingredients.  

I love vegetables so my top choice is going to be Hummus and Tabbouleh. You can dip the bread, or roll them, or do it the Pita way... I was told that Hummus is good for health as it's made of chickpeas, rich with protein, an energy booaster, it maintains the cholestrol and cardiovascular. Also suitable for diabetic patient.

My conclusion of being a first timer, the mediterranean / lebanese cuisine, is not about hot and spicy but more towards herbs and fresh ingredients. If you are a meat lover, then these dishes suits you well. They are fabulous with the grilled items, especially the lamb. It's easy on your diet and tummy. hahaha now I know the other side why their ladies are gorgeous... 
Our Luncheon Menu
Mixed Grilled
Grilled Beef Tenderloin Cubes, Marinated Chicken Breast, Minced Lamb
served with humus, garlic sauce (not too overpowering), tomatoes, pickles, onions and French Fries
Mixed Pastries
Cheese Rolls, Kebbe Kras, Sambousik and Spinack Fatayer
Hummus (top right), Moutabal (top left), Tabbouleh (middle) and freshly baked bread
Bread, Hummus
Grilled Aubergine/eggplant, mash it up with, lemon, tahini,
top with extra virgin olive oil & spices
Byblos Dessert
I would recommend Byblos Cafe & Lounge, if you are looking for a good authentic Mediterranean/Lebanese cuisine. They also have live performances at times, Since Ramadhan is just round the corner, they are also in the list of Ramadhan venue to breakfast.  So pick up that phone and booked your seats. 

Byblos Cafe & Lounge
(Mediterraneam & Lebanese)
The Hive, TREC, 
Jalan Tun Razak, 54000 Kuala Lumpur

012-902 2240

Monday - Thursday, Sunday
11.00am - 3.00am

Friday - Saturday
11.00am - 5.00am



  1. Now I am curious about this restaurant after seeing a few posts. :) Will try it out soon as the price is really affordable!

    1. it is rane hahaha for a 1st timer it was very different but very sedap

  2. Syioknye!!! you got to try the Lebanese cuisine. The only food I had tried is hummus. kekeke.. nice place to chillex too.

    1. hahahaha i love hummus and tabbouleh hahaha i was going vege haha

  3. I like the cafe surrounding and the food, thanks for sharing.

    1. outside is open air and if at night its a good place for shisha and finger food

  4. in love with the food here... damn healthy but damn delicious... huhuhu

  5. in love with the food and the awesome ambience....... miss the mixed grill...

  6. I saw lots of blogger reviewing this restaurant . Will go and try their food one day ^^ Like the ambience there.

  7. I've heard so much about Byblos already and the Mediterranean cuisine it serves. However, it is not the kind of food that I enjoy.

  8. Wow wow ! Looks delicious, will sure drop by when I'm in KL. :))

  9. The buffet price looks reasonable. Will try it out next month.

  10. Omg I started felt hungry after watch the food photo haha xD The surrounding of the cafe also very cozy I like it!

  11. love the presentation of moutabal. doesn't look like made out of eggplant at all..did they skin off the eggplant skin?


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