Being an autistic child, my son will at times demand certain things, his favourite will always be buns and can/box drinks. So today he had these craving for buns, and when he wants his buns, he must have his buns.

It's still early in the morning, my area ain't got any bakery. Best closest is 7eleven. Since it's 24 hours so hopefully they have the buns that he likes. Have seen them before but not sure if you can get it especially in the morning. 

Since my sandal was 'out of service', I borrowed my neighbors ones. Out of all days, it just had to be today right? It was a good morning walk, so my son found and had his buns. It's not expensive. Quite easy on the pocket (reasonable).

They have several ranges. Sandwiches, Hotdog Buns, Sardine Buns, Nasi Lemak, Bee Hoon Goreng and many more. It's very tasty. I love the Nasi Lemak actually. Had it before. 

Buns are above RM 1.00, Hard Boiled Egg (yup available as well) RM 2.00 for 2, Pocket Pie at RM5.57 and many more. If you are looking for something on the go, fresh to go is very suitable, it's fresh, choose and purchase and you on the move already. If you wish to just enjoy some time to yourself, seats are available for you to just seat and enjoy your fresh to go. 

7 eleven has many outlets everywhere now. And you find all sorts of items when you need them at anytime of the day. 

For more information, please free to visit their official website.

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