Nutella... you like it, you love it, you cook it, you baked it

Recently Nutella had a #yournutella day, down in One Utama Centre Court Old Court, from the 9th March 2016 till 12th March 2016. Officiated by Mr Leonardo Perrone, Marketing Director, Ferrero SEA. Kicking off with a marketing program, which will have you purchase a jar of Nutella and you can have your name printed on the label and straight onto the Nutella bottle that you purchase for only RM15.90 per jar.
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Now for those who have missed out on the event, you can actually still have the same thing. They will email you the printable label and you can actually paste it on your own nutella jar but of the size of 350gm Jar. 

I did mine already. Maybe you would like to try yours as well. 

All you have to do is click on the link below, 

It should open to a page as above. Key in your preferred name into the box under 'Enter your name here'

As you completed that, click on the 'Create Label'

You will be brought to this page, where you enter your 'email address' and 'name', and click submit. Open your email to receive your own printed label. You can do these for anyone in your family. 

You should receive an email as above. Click on 'Click Here' 

Wallaaa done... you can now print it out on your printer. 

It is so easy that I did another one for my son... he now has his own jar of nutella with his name. 

Or you can visit selected Stores to join in their marketing campaign on the spot. Click the link below for the location available for the above campaign and have fun folks.

Some photos are credited to FB:

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