2015 was a trial time for myself as health problem was my major sign for that year. Admitted to the hospital for almost 3 times in about 1 week was already a call sign. 

Diagnose to having high blood was not a suprised but scary enough. Being a single parent with a special need 9 year old son with no other family support, why wouldn't I be scared. I was thinking if ever anything were to happen to me then who would be there to look after him

So I started reading health articles, taking the right type of food helps a lot especially on my BP. Until I was no longer on the medication. 

Taking healthy food brought me towards taking organic food. I am not that exposed to organic items but I am aware that it's all fully grown organically and natural. No chemicals and all. These brought me to be interested in BMS Organics. 
Sunway Piramid Outlet
An organic shop that started in Subang Jaya. Today it has grown to 40 outlets and 19 organic vegetarian restaurant. Organic products sold at BMS Organics have been certified by many local and international bodies. Beside being 'The Largest Organic Retail Chain in The Malaysia Book of Records', BMS Organics is also,

  • SOM (Soil of Malaysia) certified organic farm in Mantin, Negeri Sembilan. 
  • Have been passed the HACCP System (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) recognised by international organisations
  • Factory is a certified organic food re-packer approved by Australia NASAA

They offers an extensive range of organic and eco-friendly products such as personal care and skincare., health supplements, food and beverages. 
Credit to TheStar
You can also find several flagship brands under BMS Organics such as Biogreen, O'Forest, Bugs' Paradise, RadianceOn, O'Choice, O'Clean and others. 

I was lucky to have been able to attend a cook out organised by BMS Organics with Chef Wan... hahaha do you know it's not easy to get to be in front of him and I was excited to see what meal will be prepared. It was a collaboration to promote Meat-Free Monday, every week or once a week and substitute it with a tasty, healthier meatless meal. 

Prepping Items before the cooking demo

Chef Wan had prepared Nasi Lemak, Organic Soya Milk Curry Laksa Noodles and Asam Laksa Vermicelli Soup. You can find the recipes at 

Silk AlmondMilk Unsweetened Original
Most recommended to try

Everything is organic

Nasi Lemak

Organic Soy Milk Curry Laksa
These was my choosing menu for the day and it was fantastically good and tasty. No coconut. Imagine I had to go on diet with all coconut ingredients these was like heaven haha.... I can now enjoy good food without worrying about ingredients that may effect my health back again. 

Recipes are on the website which can be found below. 

Asam Laksa
These is also nice folks. They have cafe which it is among the menu. You can try them. 

They have these as well

Blogger when you get them together its always gadget in hand..hahahha
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Current Promo
They have promotional every month, please do visit their website or facebook for more information. 

BMS Organics HQ
18, Jalan BP 5/11
47100 Bandar Bukit Puchong
Selangor Darul Ehsan
Customer Service:  1300 888 267

Website to visit:
For menu and other recipes

Facebook to visit:

Instagram to visit:

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