HyppTV UpFront 2016
Travelling around the world, with Telekom Malaysia Berhad (TM) can be quite exciting when you have everything in the Media Preview, HyppTV UpFront 2016. From USA, House of Cards, Season 4, then it was down to Rio for the Olympics and finally back to Asia for our local series Jom Kahwin. There will be several new series/shows till June 2016, and it's worth the wait.

Attended by Jeremy Kung, Executive VP, TM New Media, Emily Wee, Vice President, Business and Media Operations, TM New Media and the casting from 'Jom Kahwin' such as Keith Foo, Reen Rahim and many more.

Around the World with HyppTV UpFront 2016
Jeremy was saying that, as the pioneer of IPTV in Malaysia, it is TM's commitment to bring latest program with international standards, quality content for the viewers, and will continue to do so. HyppTV Upfront 2016, is to preview for the first time to media representatives, the latest program available plus the new channel Video On Demand. It is part of the effort to fulfill TM customers which has increased in numbers and demands. Customers are able to watch the latest program in the comfort of their own home on the home screen TV, or via mobile apps for those out of house. HyppTV will make sure that the contents offered are easily access. As Nadia Heng, the host of HyppTV will always say, Primetime, Anytime, Everywhere.

Dari Kiri :
Mia Kisasa (Pelakon),
Ningtia Al-Khared (Pelakon),
Ezzaty Abdullah (Pelakon),
Reen Rahim (Pelakon),
Jeremy Kung (Naib Presiden Eksekutif, New Media TM),
Emily Wee ( Naib Presiden,Perniagaan dan Operasi Media, New Media)
Wan Rozita Bt Aladad Khan ( Ketua, Kandungan Tempatan, New Media, TM),
Khabir Bhatia (Pengarah Urusan, Filmscapes Sdn Bhd/Pengarah Drama ‘Jom Kahwin’),
Keith Foo (Pelakon),
Bil Azali(Pelakon), 
Jaslin Puasa(Pelakon) and
Nadzmi Adhwa (Pelakon)
A new drama series 'Jom Kahwin', directed by Khabir Bhatia and Norhanisham Muhamad. Produced by Filmscape Sdn Bhd exclusively for HyppTV, it is starred by Keith Foo and Reen Rahim in the lead role. 'Jom Kahwin' synopsis is about four brothers living together in a village. Both their parents was victims to a tsunami tragedy. The eldest, who holds the responsibility of taking care of all his three brothers, Chad played by Bil Azali, Baim by Jaslin Puasa, and Daniel by Nadzmi Adhwa. In order to survive, all four brothers decided to stop schooling and work as farmers. Suddenly bringing me back to my time, to the old series '7 brothers with 7 brides'. 
Dari Kiri Belakang : Keith Foo (Pelakon), 
Bil Azali(Pelakon),  
Nadzmi Adhwa (Pelakon) and Jaslin Puasa(Pelakon)

Dari Kiri Depan :
Ningtia Al-Khared (Pelakon),
Mia Kisasa (Pelakon), 
Reen Rahim (Pelakon), 
Ezzaty Abdullah (Pelakon),
Separated from the moden world, the siblings grew up without a higher education background, without the guidance of parents, and most of their time is spend with all the animals under their care. Being the eldest, adam is determined to make a change on their lifestyle, he then decided to get married. His siblings will then have a sister. 
Watch 'Jom Kahwin' on HyppSensasi HD
HyppTV, Channel 116
11 Mac 2016, Every Friday, 9.00pm

Can be purchased as ala-carte at RM9.00 per month
OR apart of HyppTV Aneka Pek at RM30.00 per month. 

Channel is with 2 hours 'time shift' and 
7 days 'catch up' for easy viewing

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