I am a BIG FAN of BBQ & Steamboat, and staying in Malacca for 4 years, searching for the best in KL, has been quite a trip. Finally, I found one that is exactly what I love and better in terms of dishes served, the environment, the service behind the kitchen counter, and very important the price. My pick would be Pak John Steamboat & BBQ, located in Ecurve, Mutiara Damansara. 

I was coming from Wangsa Maju area and if you wish to travel by public transport, my advise is go early before office hour ends by using the MyTeksi application. And going back is another story if by 10.00pm, it will be tougher as most cabs don't wish to back to KL area as they find taking passengers around Damansara precint is the best time around then. So best way, go with a friend or friends who has a vehicle, and enjoy the dinner and not worry about how to go home hahaha...

Taking the bus you can actually do a route planner over myrapid website which will tell you to take what from where to where and how much it cost. 

My first impression a very well arranged tables with chairs not too close by to each other... haha not so suitable when you have big size people like me trying to squash in between to seat, not in the environment of buffet style. In Pak John its ample space in between. Thank god. (if not choose the side end, its so much easier)

We were asked what would our choice of soup be, hmmmm they have many, 6 types. The Beef bone pepper, tomyam, curry, miso, and chicken soup but they have added a new one on the menu which is the prawn soup. so since we had two grill/steamboat stove on the table, we went for tomyam and prawn soup. You can find their menu of soup by clicking this link

Ok now that's done, it's food time hahaha like kids lah we went looking (dah macam treasure hunt) Love the arrangement of dishes you have the vegetables neatly stack at one side and the seafood, meat and fish on one side. 

They were also having a Steamboat Special which was the fresh norwegian salmon. I just had to do this... hahahaha it was out by the time we did our 'hunting' for dishes. 

Now this I called, the most wanted :). You don't get any fresher than this fellow here.  So if you go and you are lucky you may have this for your buffet. 

Ok I did mention Beef right? It was their premium menu it seems. They had 4 dishes which is a must try and I actually tried everyone... this is where it should be but was waiting for it to be replenished again. 

Here you will get the Australia Beef Slice but you get the other slices over at the cold counter where its on a request as it must be sliced up fresh to maintain the quality of the meat. Best recommended the duck breast... spendid on the grill. 

hahahaha wallaaa our table... hahaha everyone took a little bit of everything to test, taste, eat till you drop concept, and comment in the same time. 

I was once advice by an auntie, when I use to frequently take BBQ & Steamboat, if you do not have a strong stomach must take the chinese tea (which here I took their Jasmine Honey Tea... oh my tea it was the best I have had) I believe I drank more than I eat or was it balanced up? hahaha anyway you need to eat while you are still healthy. So eat and choose the right combination to make sure it is balanced up. 

Mine is the closer one which the yellow bun.

Only that? no no no they have more. They have the local dishes area. If you are the noodles or rice type of person, you will enjoy your meal here.

And their dim sum corner as well. want to try all? just tell the chef one of each and they will served it up happily. 

Okay these is another corner, crucial. It's where all the sauces is placed, you will find Thai, Belacan Sauce, Sweet, Thai Green Chili, Soya, Garlic Chili Sauce and they have another addition to the family of sauces the pineapple sauce. You should try them. 

Remember earlier on I said I was looking high and low for something that was similar to those I took in Malacca. It's the butter. You can actually have the butter or onion oil to grilled up your dishes. It was heaven. You also have the Kaya Ball and Waffle corner, now our table had different taste buds. So every one had their own waffle pleasure, you can have the same here. 

There is also the desserts corner, which everyone would love and go back for many seconds... hahaha proven...

As we were slowing down on chow time, I did notice that they had a corner where there are also live bands and they actually can hold events as well at this outlet which can hold up to about 250 pax at one time with 2 VIP rooms (14pax/8pax) available at the other side of the restaurant.

Locations? As mentioned 2 location #wangsamaju and #mutiaradamansara. You can click at this link for a full address 

Promotion is a plenty and quite attractive, you have the 
1.  Live Band on Saturday, Sunday
2.  Birthday with min 5 pax free 1 pax
3.  Ladies nite Tuesday, Thursday with 20% discount
4.  Students 30% discount from 11am-5pm everyday

How much? #allyoucaneat buffet @10am-10pm 
RM 46++   Monday - Thursday
RM 49++   Friday - Sunday

It's worth the value as there is no time frame for you to actually finish it. Just take your time and enjoy your meal. It's value of family time as well. 

MS 1500:2008 2 071-11/2013
Me? going back again... going to just seat, #makansampailebam hahaha... 

Congratulations #pakjohnsteamboatandbbq. A thumbs up from me. And it's halal.

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