#coolhijab most would start thinking what is it? 

That was my first impression, when I was going through an Instagram Account that belongs to a group of Bloggers #haibloggers. 

I was sharing information with my followers are usual on instagram and I just tag as instructed. hahaha.... again I won something from instagram from #haibloggers. 

Thank you to the founder #halimbrothers and to #coolhijab. 

Very skeptical as I don't normally use any serum or formula for my hair. After receiving it via courier, I decided to give it a try. 

First Time Usage
After washing my hair 
Drying it up
I apply a little bit of the hair serum onto my palm
Spread evenly on both hands (its not oily, you can just wipe off)
Rub in between the hair lines 
I made sure it goes deep into the roots
I did it for the whole head

Results (Instantly)
Felt cooling
Smell like peppermint, nice
Felt very relax

Results (after 4days)
Light headed
Had rough hair previously, now its softer and easy to manage
Less dandruff
No smell 
Was able to focus more on work

Results (2 weeks)
Very light headed
Softer hair 
No dandruff
No smell
I now plan to use it once a week

Basically #coolhijab has many function and among them are 
To cool off the head and the hair
Lessen dandruff
Restore Hair Splits
Hair smells pleasant for 24hours
Encourage new hair growth
Reduce head itchiness
Relieve to headaches and Migrain
Blacken white hairs

Now all the above is true.... I've tested it and am happy with the results.

Price??? It's about RM70 for a 30ml bottle. Some may say it's expensive but ladies it's a value for money investment and my bottle isn't yet finishing even though I have been using it for two weeks. 

I highly recommend using this product for those who are wearing #hijab the whole day. 

You can actually read more about the product here -

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