30 November 2016

13 November 2016

It was a hive of magical activity at Seremban 2 todays residents and visitors thronged towards IJM LAND BERHAD’s (IJM LAND) annual Family Carnival,held at IJM Land’s Sales Office. Celebrated with an enchanted theme of “Fiesta Magica, A Journey Through Fairy Tales and Happy Trails”, IJM Land did not fail to impress - as one of the most highly eagerly anticipated events on IJM Land’s special events calendar kicked off with a fanfare of activities leaving residents longing for more.
Visitors to the event got to experience a first of a whole range of activities organized by IJM Land which delighted individuals to their heart’s content, especially for fans of Cosplaying who are gleefully excited for the “Gathering of Cosplayers for Cosplay Costume Competition” in Seremban 2; relishing in the opportunity to witness their favourite ‘characters’ participating in the Cosplay parade and competition.

According to IJM LAND’s Senior General Manager, Mr Hoo Kim See, organising this family-centric activity with supportive residents and potential buyers of Seremban 2 has always been a meaningful affair for IJM Land.

“We believe Seremban 2 – standing by its tagline ‘A Great Place to Live’ –is the ideal township complete with comprehensive facilities and amenities; targeting young couples and families who would want to enjoy a journey of togetherness within a safe living environment in a strategic location,” added Mr Hoo Kim See at the carnival today.
IJM LAND’s Sales Office at Seremban 2 took on an enchanting affair in the evening as visitors were charmed by the dazzling display of fairy land creations that will last till end of the year, which include ‘Tunnel of LOVE’ made of thousands of LEDs, Cinderella Pumpkin Carriage, Giant Mushrooms and many more. Having a picturesque decoration on display till Christmas, IJM Land has also organized for a Magical Moments Photo contest, running from 13 November to 18 December. With total cash prizes worth RM3,000 to be won, this contest will encourage visitors and residents to grab beautiful and creative pictures with the charming affair of a whimsical Fairy Land. 

Visitors were also entranced by the fascinating magic performance from Malaysia’s top magician, Mahdi Moudini, well-known for his latest magic wonder of levitation along the famous Kuala Lumpur Tower and also a first-time visitor to Seremban 2.  Families with small children and adults who are young at heart were not left out at the carnival as they enjoyed a multitude of fun games and activities including balloon sculptures and a snow globe photo booth.The highlight of the carnival was the lucky draw sessions with prizes worth up to RM20,000, especially for existing Seremban 2 and Seremban 2 Heights buyers, with the iPhone 7+ as Grand Prize.
Believing in giving back to the community,  Young Malaysians Movement (YMMNS), Persatuan Belia Xiang Lian and Persatuan Kwang Tung N.S – with IJM Land as the main sponsor - have also organised a blood donation drive during the carnival; including free Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) consultation; free spine screening and posture checks; foot, knee as well as scoliosis screenings.

Mr Hoo Kim See said that organising a carnival with the involvement of the residents will strengthen their relationship and also have residents / potential buyers build up their trust in IJM LAND in providing them the best development and services.
“Activities like these are carried out every year with the objective of fostering unity, reuniting friendship and promoting healthy community living amongst Seremban 2 residents and, additionally, with the folks of Seremban,” Mr Hoo said.

“We want to portray to our residents along with potential buyers that IJM Land is putting our utmost commitment to place our customers at the heart of everything we do, constantly delivering at the right time with high quality and great attitude, and we want to assure our residents and potential buyers that whatever we do, we always have them in our thoughts before every decision is made.”

IJM LAND's flagship development in Negeri Sembilan, Seremban 2 – recently awarded The Edge Property Development Excellence Award on late October this year - is a 3,800 acres self-contained township offering modern amenities and convenience of a city while maintaining the grace and serenity of a country atmosphere. To date, Seremban 2 has emerged as one of the most progressive and successful township in Negeri Sembilan and the development is currently at 70% completion with population of 62,000.

For more information on IJM LAND and the Seremban 2 developments, please visit www.seremban2.com.my

About IJM Land Berhad
Since 1989, IJM Land Berhad (“IJM Land”) has been committed to redefining the property landscapes in the region. Beyond the world-class townships delivered, IJM Land is committed towards creating a positive legacy for communities to live well and thrive.
As part of IJM Corporation Berhad, a strong sense of responsibility drives its business and its 650-strong team. What defines the company is its customer passion, innovative spirit, drive for excellence and sustainable practices. With a Gross Development Value (GDV) of RM30 billion, IJM Land maximises its portfolio of undeveloped landbank of 4,000 acres which spans across key growth areas of Malaysia (Penang, Pahang, the Greater Kuala Lumpur, Negeri Sembilan, Johor, Sabah and Sarawak), and as far reaching as Vietnam, China and the United Kingdom.

IJM Land is fast becoming a global name known not only for its award-winning sustainable developments, but for the dreams it has made real. For more information on IJM Land, please log on to www.ijmland.com.

12 November 2016

Hiruscar and Hiruscar Kids, a scar care brand, launched the ‘My Hero-Scar’ campaign to raise awareness among parents on the importance of outdoor play time for children’s physical and psychological development. The campaign also aims at encouraging parents to allow their children to explore and enjoy outdoor activities without worrying their little ones getting permanent scars from bruises and scrapes as long as it is treated properly with the right scar care product.

“Technology and the urbanized environment these days keep our children from enjoying the mother-nature as we used to do when our generation was growing up. Children are very active and may fall and sustain from injuries while they are playing outdoors. More often than not, parents would prevent such incident from occurring again. Instead of protecting their children at all times and preventing them to participate in any outdoor activities, parents should let children be children – allow them to be adventurous because it is part of growing up.

Hiruscar and Hiruscar Kids offer an efficient and convenient solution to make sure adults and children don’t keep scars but only good memories from their outdoor activities. Ultimately, the ‘My Hero-Scar’ campaign aims to provide parents the assurance that while children can be active and adventurous, they do not have to worry about children’s scars as they are well taken care with Hiruscar and Hiruscar Kids,” said Koon Yin Pang, Senior Manager, Consumer Health Lead, Marketing Management, Consumer Health of DKSH Malaysia Sdn Bhd.

Often, parents believe that their children are safer indoors. Technology and an increasing range of home entertainment make it easy to keep children from playing outdoors. According to a study done by the regional parenting portal theAsianparent.com, 98% of parents in Southeast Asia allow their children to use IT devices regularly.[1] 41% of these children aged between three and eight years old spend more than an hour per sitting on their devices.

While it is inevitable in today’s technology-driven world to ban the use of devices, parents should nevertheless be aware of the negative effects of an extensive use of electronic devices such as addiction or the correlation of device usage with childhood obesity.[3] In order to counter those risks, parents should consider more outdoor activities for their children.

(L-R) Dr. M.S Priyadarshini, industrial and organizational psycologist and Ms. Pang Koon Yin, Senior Manager, Consumer Health Lead, Marketing Management, Consumer Health of DKSH Malaysia Sdn Bhd. officially launch the ‘My Hero-Scar’ campaign. 
Dr M.S. Priyadarshini, an industrial and organizational psychologist who is also a life skills development trainer explained that “Outdoor activities have important physical and psychological advantages on a child’s development. They stimulate for example a faster brain development. Children that play more outdoors are prone to be more active and hence less likely to be overweight while growing up. Besides, they become better learners, socialize more through group play and will therefore later on be more capable of connecting to others.

Parents are therefore advised to let their children play more outdoors and not to be over-protective. It is part of growing up for children to occasionally get cuts or minor injuries that might lead to scars if left untreated. Apart from these incidences, adults and children can also acquire scars from chickenpox, measles or mosquito bites.

According to Health Department director-general Datuk Dr Noor Hisham Abdullah, Malaysia counted about 167 cases of chickenpox last year. The prevalence of measles was even higher. Compared to the same period in 2015, the prevalence of measles has increased of about 340%.

About 18% of the children who have had chickenpox for example are likely to get scars mainly on their faces, thorax, abdomen and back. This might affect the child’s self-confidence and self-esteem.
The fun treasure hunt during the launch of the ‘My Hero-Scar’ campaign creates nice family memories and strengthens the bond between parents and their kids. 
Therefore, the launch of ‘My-Hero Scar’ campaign is timely and useful to reach out to Malaysians to help them learn and treat wounds and scars effectively.

It does not take much to have minor wounds and scrapes. A trip over the stairs, mishandle a kitchen knife, small burns or any other life events can leave small or large scars. Most of us have one or even more scars to remind us of such situation. It is something common and Malaysians should be informed that they can overcome scarring with treatment and by using the right scar care product.

“With Hiruscar and Hiruscar Kids, young kids and adults are able to enjoy the essential moments in life and help break free from their scarring conditions”, added Koon Yin.

Hiruscar and Hiruscar Kids can help both children and their parents at every stage of life to break free from their scarring conditions as it provides a simple, safe, convenient and efficient way to relieve scarring. Regularly applied on closed wounds, it helps your skin to recover to its previous smoothness.

To find out more about the ‘My Hero-Scar campaign, visit Hiruscar official Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/Hiruscar.Gel.Malaysia/ or log on to Hiruscar official webpage at www.hiruscar.com.my.

About Hiruscar & Hiruscar Kids®
Hiruscar is a quick-absorbing non-greasy and film-free clear gel that helps reduce scar visibility. 
The product contains MPS combined with Allium Cepa together with four more elements that reduce excessive tissues from forming. It also improves and dissipates wounds naturally while softening thick marks.[8]

In order to see the best results, treatment should be continual for 4-6 months, use 2-3 times daily on closed wounds.[9] Treatment times can vary depending on the condition, size, type, severity and age of the scars. 93% of consumers indicate that their scars heal at the end of 12 weeks.[10]

For children, Hiruscar Kids combines five molecules as heroes and helps parents to look after childhood scars.[11] Both products including Hiruscar Post Acne are available at leading personal care stores and pharmacies.

10 November 2016

Good hygiene is one of the foundations of good health but for so many of us keeping clean is a distant second to all the busy-ness and activity that surrounds us. We need to take breaks for health and hygiene, and Antabax is leading the way!

Antabax, the *No.1 Halal antibacterial personal care range in Malaysia is partnering with The Amazing Race Asia, Season 5 to make the link between good health and hygiene more fun and exciting in efforts to encourage more people to soap up and sanitize. To drive home the connection, the proudly Malaysian brand is organising contests on its Facebook and Instagram pages, as well as on-ground promotions geared towards promoting active lifestyles for better health, through good hygiene.

The Antabax Facebook contest will offer two lucky participants and their ‘dates’ an exclusive money-can’t-buy experience – to be part of The Amazing Race Asia season 5 Finale party in Singapore, come December. The prize offers tickets to the event, flight and overnight accommodation, aside from Antabax products, and The Amazing Race Asia Season 5 merchandise.

The Amazing Race Asia is part of AXN’s global Amazing Race franchise, an adrenalin-fuelled reality show where teams of two compete against teams from other Asian countries for the prize of USD 100,000. Hosting the fifth season of The Amazing Race and the 11th season of The Amazing Race franchise overall is the Singapore based, Chinese-American Actor, Allan Wu and Indonesian actress, Tara Basro. The series airs every Thursday at 9pm, starting October 13, 2016 on the AXN Asia channel 721 (HD) and 701 on Astro.

This season Malaysia has three teams representing it ‘the muscle brothers’, Alex and Will, the ‘beauty queens’, Yvonne and Chloe and the recently eliminated school mates, Alphaeus and Brandon.

Antabax and The Amazing Race Asia are a great fit as both promote healthier lifestyles. Antabax has the complete range from antibacterial shower creams, soap, antibacterial cleansing wipes, instant hand sanitizer and hand sanitizer spray required to maintain hygiene at home and on-the-go as you pursue a more active lifestyle.

According to Ms Angeline Sim, Group Product Manager Household & Personal Care Department, Marketing Division at Lam Soon Edible Oils Sdn Bhd, “Antabax is delighted to partner with AXN as The Amazing Race Asia is a great platform for our brand to reach a wider audience. We hope through this partnership, it will convey the message of healthy and hygienic lifestyle by leveraging Antabax extensive products that provide the audiences reliable protection from germs.“ 

With Antabax Derma Protect System for 24-hour antibacterial protection, and Micro Moisture Serum that contains skin vitamins for moisturising, Antabax antibacterial range will leave your skin protected against 99.9% of germs, yet soft, smooth and well nourished. The products are also certified ‘Halal’, giving Muslim users full confidence in using them.

Be inspired and get healthier with an active lifestyle, by tuning in to AXN every Thursday at 9pm, answer all of the questions from the Antabax contest correctly and stand a chance to win amazing experience that money certainly can’t buy and merchandise for you and your family.

“Hygiene is the foundation of good health. To help Malaysians form healthy habits, Antabax is making it fun and exciting again with amazing prizes through collaborations with regional events such as The Amazing Race Asia season 5,” added Ms Angeline.

For more information on the ongoing contest, visit Antabax’s official Facebook page at fb.com/NewAntabax and Instagram page @antabax.

About Lam Soon Edible Oils Sdn Bhd
Lam Soon Edible Oils Sdn. Bhd. (Lam Soon) has been an established manufacturer of edible foods, household and personal care products in Malaysia since the 1950s. In the household and personal care category, their selection of quality products include, May personal care range, Fruitale Shower range and olive oil, Antabax antibacterial soap, hand sanitizer, talcum powder and cleansing wipes, Orchid feminine wash range, ZIP homecare product range of dishwashing liquid, floor cleaner, toilet bowl cleaner, powder and cream cleanser, Labour dishwashing liquid and paste, and Bio-home multipurpose cleanser and dishwashing liquid range.

As a renowned and trusted household brand among consumers, Lam Soon is dedicated to producing quality made affordable products for a healthier lifestyle and cleaner homes.

1 November 2016