The EWOW & WOW Suites at W Kuala Lumpur

When it comes to wowing your guests and leaving them speechless, the EWOW & WOW suites at W KUALA LUMPUR effortlessly deliver that "WOW" factor. These top-tier suites exceed expectations in so many ways that it's truly remarkable how the hotel has managed to create such an exceptional experience. 

While the experiences in the EWOW suite and the two WOW suites are not identical, they share a multitude of features that are guaranteed to leave anyone who enters them in awe. It's like stepping into the pinnacle of luxury hotel accommodations – a true revelation. 

So, what exactly makes these penthouse suites so breathtaking?


The Vibe and Atmosphere Once You Walk-in
With imposing dark doors that stand tall at their entrances, stepping into either of these suites feels like entering a portal to another dimension. 

The immediate sense of awe is palpable, as the meticulous attention to detail in these rooms embodies the bold, unique, and liberated spirit that defines W HOTELS worldwide. 

The expansive space and lofty ceilings create a wondrous wonderland of your own, where the possibilities for unforgettable moments are endless. While you may feel small in comparison, the vibrant and contrasting colours set these suites apart, exuding a specific, one-of-a-kind energetic and vibrant aura, unlike any other luxury hotel. 

The "L" shaped couches and cushioned chairs provide the perfect setting for engaging conversations with friends and family.

5-star Hotel Kuala Lumpur

Peace and Quiet
Perched on the 23rd floor, the EWOW and WOW suites offer a serene escape from the hustle and bustle of daily life, where the clamour of city sounds is muted by the sheer elevation. Even the lively beats from the WETDeck on Level 12 struggle to reach your ears in this lofty haven. 

The EWOW & WOW Suites at W Kuala Lumpur

While some may perceive this isolation as a drawback, it actually provides a much-needed respite from the frenetic pace of the world. And should you ever crave company or excitement, a quick elevator ride transports you to the vibrant outlets scattered throughout W Kuala Lumpur. 

From the culinary delights of FLOCK to the enticing libations at Woobar on Level 8, and the renowned rooftop pool bar at WETDeck on Level 12, the options for entertainment are endless. 

As night falls, the city lights cast a mesmerizing glow, offering unparalleled views of Kuala Lumpur City that are truly unmatched. And speaking of the views...

The EWOW & WOW Suites

Spectacular Views of Kuala Lumpur City Centre
Each of the suites, including the EWOW suite and two WOW suites, offers its own exclusive vantage point of the vibrant city of Kuala Lumpur. 

From the EWOW suite, guests can marvel at the breathtaking beauty of the illuminated Petronas Twin Towers, a truly captivating sight. 

Meanwhile, one of the WOW suites provides a stunning view of the iconic Kuala Lumpur Tower, also known as "Menara Kuala Lumpur". The other WOW suite offers a panoramic vista that encompasses both the Petronas Twin Towers and the Kuala Lumpur Tower, creating a truly awe-inspiring spectacle. 

All of these suites allow guests to witness the mesmerizing light displays that adorn these architectural marvels at night. 

Moreover, the EWOW & WOW suites offer sweeping views of the entire Kuala Lumpur skyline, allowing guests to gaze over the majority of the surrounding buildings. Standing tall above this dynamic capital city is an experience that never fails to captivate; this concrete jungle, while a part of many people's daily lives, also serves as an escape in its own right.

The Ideal and Unique Event Space

Exclusive Events W KL

Why stick to the conventional outdoor spaces or ballrooms when considering event venues? W KUALA LUMPUR offers the EWOW and WOW suites as unique event spaces, capable of flawlessly accommodating a large number of guests. 

With each WOW suite spanning 175 sqm (1883 sqft) and the EWOW suite an expansive 520 sqm (5595 sqft), these spacious rooms present an unparalleled setting for social gatherings and celebrations. 

Exclusive Events W KL

Whether it's a birthday party, class reunion, family gathering, or an intimate get-together with friends old and new, the possibilities are endless within the inviting ambience of the EWOW & WOW suites. 

Beyond the grandeur of these suites, the luxurious experience extends to every detail, from the plush beds that cocoon you in comfort to the meticulously designed lighting that sets the perfect tone for relaxation. Should sleep elude you, the in-room entertainment options and the convenience of in-room dining ensure that every moment is tailored to your comfort and enjoyment. 

The bathrooms in the EWOW and WOW suites offer a haven for relaxation, featuring a generous overhead shower and a spacious bathtub that elevate the indulgence of your bathing experience. The added luxury of a built-in TV in the bathroom adds a unique touch, enhancing your overall sense of opulence and comfort.

What Makes EWOW, “EWOW”?
The "E" in EWOW stands for extreme, and it truly lives up to its name by offering unparalleled features that set it apart from the regular WOW suites. 

First and foremost, the EWOW suite boasts a spacious bar area, perfect for hosting gatherings and creating unforgettable moments over a meal. The expansive dining area provides the ideal setting for intimate conversations and lively get-togethers, making it the ultimate spot for sharing stories and stirring up some drama. 


But that's not all – the EWOW suite also offers a private swimming pool, allowing guests to take a refreshing dip 23 floors above the ground while enjoying a premium view of Kuala Lumpur. 

This exclusive amenity provides a level of luxury and indulgence that is truly unmatched, offering a one-of-a-kind experience that sets W KUALA LUMPUR apart from any other hotel in the city. 


So, are the EWOW & WOW suites truly the epitome of luxury and opulence? The answer lies in experiencing them for yourself. W KUALA LUMPUR extends a warm welcome and promises to provide you with the highest levels of service in the expansive world of hotels. 

Book now at W KUALA LUMPUR or reach out to us for reservations and inquiries at +603 2786 8888 or to embark on an extraordinary journey of luxury and sophistication.

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About W Kuala Lumpur
Marking the iconic brand's first-ever hotel in Malaysia, W Kuala Lumpur opened its doors in August 2018 in the heart of the capital, steps from the world-famous Petronas Twin Towers. W Kuala Lumpur features 150 stylish guest rooms and suites with diverse beverage and food venues bringing a flawless synergy to Kuala Lumpur's booming, multicultural food and drink scene. YEN offers a contemporary take on traditional Cantonese recipes while FLOCK, our all-day dining venue showcases Pan-Asian, farm-to-flock dishes featuring organic produce and a focus on sustainable eats. For inventive bar bites and meticulously crafted cocktails, WOOBAR is a chic all-day social space and WET® Deck pool bar features creative concoctions, with breathtaking views of Petronas Twin Towers as its stunning backdrop.

Through bold, innovative design, W Kuala Lumpur immerses guests in the city's wildly lush greenery, globally renowned cuisine, centuries-old history and growing appetite for playful luxury. Whatever/Whenever is W's way of pampering you. Need to know where the locals dine, or the location of that up-and-coming artist gig? We aim to fulfil your request. Whatever/Whenever®. 24/7. For more information or to make a reservation, visit or get social with W Kuala Lumpur on Facebook and Instagram @wkualalumpur.
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