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From the 7th to 9th July 2017, One Utama Shopping Centre, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, The Busan Metropolitan City is hosting the 2017 BUSAN BEAUTY MEDICAL TOURISM SPECIAL EXHIBITION, 
  • The 4th of it's kind overseas, 
  • The 1st time in a large shopping center in Kuala Lumpur AND
  • The largest independent shopping mall in the world with about 100,000 visitors per day. 
after Hanoi, Vietnam in 2014, Shenyang China, Panjin China in 2015 and GuangZhou China in 2016. 

The exhibition, hosted by The Busan Metropolitan City, in promoting the globalization in Busan and medical tourism and beauty industry in SouthEast Asia. Supervised by the Busan Economic Promotion Agency, sponsored by the Embassy of The Republic of Korea, The Korea Tourism Organization, the OKTA (World Federation of Overseas Korean Traders Associations) Malaysia Branch, and the Malaysia Retail Chain Association (MRCA). A participation of about 44 booths promoting Busan's medical facilities, medical equipment, cosmetics, hotels, duty-free shops and travel agencies. 

Programs lined up during the exhibition in One Utama Shopping Center with Malaysian consumers, would include, 
  • K-beauty programs
  • Hall-yu Make-Up Show
  • Lucky Draws
  • Cultural Events
  • A B2B Business matching and meeting over at One World Hotel 
It's undeniable that the K-Beauty craze has overrun the Southeast Asian market such as Malaysia, Vietnam and Indonesia, growing and increasing gradually, with preferences in the Korean Medical and beauty. Busan City sees this as an opportunity to diversify the medical tourism market in certain countries by strengthening marketing to Southeast Asian countries due to the decreased of medical tourist in other tourism countries. 

For future planning, Busan City is looking into nurturing the cosmetics market, combining the beauty industry with the bio-medical industry as a new growth industry. Not also leaving at the possibility of revitalizing the medical tourism by attracting medical tourists through continuous development of Busan's specialized Medical Tourism Products via Cruise or Ferries, Wellness Medical Tourism and more. 

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