18 May 2016

My Stupid Boss - Chaos@Work

Adapting a book story into a movie, is not easy, especially when you need to reduced every plot and scenes into 2 hours of storyboard and when it's a comedy one. Being a script writer myself, I would understand how tough it is but the writer did it well for this one.
My Stupid Boss is an adaptation from four books written by Chaos@Work, of Indonesia, since 2009 into one comedy drama. A Production by Falcon Pictures with a 100%, 25 days of shooting done in Kuala Lumpur.

The movie is about Diana (Bunga Citra Lestari) following her husband, (Alex Abbad) to shift and work in Malaysia. Here in Malaysia, Diana has to work to make ends meet, in an office that has employees from various nationality. Bossman, (Reza Rahadian) who is also from Indonesia, has an odd behaviour but comedic. Being the boss, Bossman has a weird and strong principle 'Bossman Always Right' with his favourite motto ' Impossible We do Miracle We Try', his office is managed without proper rules & regulation and system, which causes chaos at the end of the day. All his staff will and must obey him. Diana got to know her colleagues, Norahsikin (Atikah Suhaimie), Adrian (Bront Palarae), Azhari (Iskandar Zulkarnain) and Mr. Kho (Chew Kin Wah), who supports her on how to handle Bossman.
It's realiti, we do have to admit that,  one time in our life, we may have or are under a 'Bossman'. The annoying part, the feeling of just want to strangle the boss and so on..... In 'My Stupid Boss' it tells us, one should not judge, learn to tolerate and one can always change. It's actually suitable for all ages and you will find yourself smiling and laughing to the comedic dialogues that is not too far fetch from our own lives as well. Bossman actually showed another part of himself that was hidden from his staff. Want to know what? hahaha... then you got to watch My Stupid Boss, nationwide screening on the 19th May 2016 at your nearest cinema. 

Bunga Citra Lestari and Reza Rahadian
Before the screening
Singing Skill by Reza
Atikah Suhaimie
Invited VVIP Zizan Razak
Part of the Cast during Press Conference
Produced by Falcon pictures 
Collaboration with Madness Films Sdn Bhd (Malaysia)
Distribution by Skop Productions Sdn Bhd (Malaysia)
Published by HB Naveen & Frederica
Directed by UPI
Genre: Drama / Comedy
Duration: 107 minutes
Malaysian Artist: Atikah Suhaimie, Bront Palarae, Chew Kimwah and Iskandar Zulkarnain
Indonesian Artist: Reza Rahadian, Bunga Citra Lestari and Alex Abbad
Filming Location: Kuala Lumpur
Release Dates: 19th May 2016

I wish the team good luck during the weeks of screening. And have fun folks watching My Stupid Boss.

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    1. yup hahahaha mcm bro juga tayang tangan yang kurus hahahaha


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