16 May 2016

My Stupid Boss, Berita Harian Contest Winner

Berita Harian held a contest recently, participants just had to answer a few question and post them over for judging. Norhizam Yusop was one of the winner. 

I meet him during the Gala Night Premiere of My Stupid Boss and he was a very funny chap. He was so excited and wanted to make sure he was able to take photos with everyone of the casting artist of the comedic drama. 

hahaha and he did... it's his will and determination to wait patiently and made sure he approach every one of the artist and selfie.. hahaha now that is a star on his own. Of course, he made sure he didn't get into the way of any media. Though the security was tough, but he manage to ask and selfie. Salute Azam!! haha... 

It's his memory to keep and least I am sure he slept happily that night hahaha 
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