11 March 2014

Pray for MH370 - Come back to Us

8th Mac 2014
A day that would be remembered by almost everyone around the world. Not just because it is MAS or it belongs to Malaysia but because of the baffling situation to how it become Pray for MH370.

I still remembered that day when everything went viral over the social media and TV. How it suddenly become a day of mix emotions of disbelieve, anger, sadness, confuse, curious not leaving the negativity as well.

Reporters running around trying to get unconfused themselves, trying to feed whatever information they could get in their hand to the public. Public with an outcry with the question what happened to MH370? Families confused and grieving over what happened? Government agencies trying to figure out what happened to all 239 passengers and crews. 

It has been day 4 and still no news. The incident itself has brought many people together as one to do what everyone does best pray. Pray that MH370 come back to them safely intact. Hopes for a miracle is what everyone is praying for. 

Speculations after accusation will not help those on board MH370 that I believe. Assisting everyone in finding them is what we should be doing. I cant comprehend how the immediate families feel right now but be strong folks. I am sure your love ones would want you to be that for them.

#prayformh370  we are with you wherever you are
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