11 March 2014

Lee Min Ho - A man of many Talents n Super Gorgeous

I am so allowed to be human and at times go ga..ga.. over celebrities.

I am not a fan of korean dramas until I got myself hook on to - Faith The Great Doctor and LEE MIN HO the main character is of everything but nothing is the right person...

That pictures is my favourite maybe I should change my profile photo to that hahaha...

Anyway he is a young actor with many talents. Debutted to the acting scene on May 5 8 years ago, but later developed into being a singer (he is currently in Japan for a tour) and does his own stunts. he is 6feet 1inch. Couldnt find a stuntman at that height.

He lives with his dad, mom and sister. A shy person but to me I think he likes to flirt a lot with his fans just to keep them happy.. ha..ha.. the flirt part I can do without. 

Hope to see more of him in action... lets see what this year would be for him.

The cast of Faith The Great Doctor....

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