6 November 2013

Grilled Beef

Another one that I like to share with friends on my FB. Now putting it up on my blog
Source:  FB & Blog Kongsi Resepi

Prep   20 mins
Cook  40 mins
Pax    6-8 pax

600gm  meat (choose the part that has a bit of fats)
1 tbs    sweet cumin (jintan manis)
1 tbs    cumin          (jintan putih)
1 ts      white pepper (serbuk lada)
4          red onions
200ml   thick coconut milk
1          big onions
salt to taste

  • pound garlic, red onion, sweet cumin and cumin
  • add with coconut milk, white pepper and salt
  • add meat and marinate for about an hour
  • grill the meat and while its grilling layer it with coconut milk using lemon grass

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